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Subj: Updating Dome badges

Has  Your Dome Sticker Expired? 

The  Dome sticker date is the expiration date.  Please be aware that  
stickers need to be updated before their expiration date.  After  November 
expired badges will no longer be accepted for entrance into any  program 

How  to get a new sticker: 
    1.  Apply  on-line at _www.invincibleamerica.org_ 
(http://www.invincibleamerica.org/) .  (Current MUM/MSAE students, faculty and 
staff don’t need 
to apply on-line or  wait for an acceptance.  Just skip to point 3.)  
    2.  Wait  to receive your acceptance.  
    3.  Come  to room 242 in the Gateridge Court Building.  We are open for 
 registration Monday-Saturday (except holidays) from 1:30 pm to  3:45pm.

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