According to the US federal court, whether you like it or not, atheists are 
now considered to have a "faith" in no god.

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 The federal government recognizes secular humanism as a religion.  

 The fed's really are stupid aren't they?

 That means atheists have faith in the nonexistence of a god.  But can they 
prove that God is nonexistent?

 Speaking entirely for myself: We don't need to. Extraordinary claims require 
extraordinary evidence, and the onus is always on the person making the claims. 
I see no evidence so I conclude it's a null hypothesis.

 So I don't have faith in the non-existence of a god, that would be an 
assumption that there was something to begin with. And I don't want rights for 
my "beliefs" either because I haven't got any. Unless the crisschuns are going 
to be forming a posse to root out the unbelievers. Wouldn't be the first 



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