Depending on one's karma, death could be just like transcending.   The 
individual thought vanishes just like in meditation.  The Indians had an 
appropriate word by calling death as Mahasamadhi.


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 If you were suffering from terminal brain cancer would you really want to see 
it through to the end as your mind, vision, hearing went away?

 At the risk of getting what I wish for, I think dying is going to be really 
interesting. I'd like to be awake when it's happening at least, it's only gonna 
happen once. 

 Maybe we'll see the sort of "after-life" hallucinations that get reported for 
a while before the lights go out for the last time. Maybe something else like 
the words "Game Over" appearing and we find out we are really huge toadoids 
playing a computer game in swamp on Zeta Reticuli. Maybe we all go to heaven 
even, that'll be a turn up!
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   A woman just committed suicide with the aid of doctors in Oregon.  Is this 
justifiable in your own thinking?
 Vatican thinker brands US woman's suicide 'wicked'
 Vatican thinker brands US woman's suicide 'wicke... A senior Vatican official 
has condemned as "wicked" the assisted suicide of Brittany Maynard, an American 
woman suffering from terminal brain cancer. &...

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