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 I believe that's possible.  There probably are mantras that can induce 
mahasamadhi by making a person to stop breathing.

 Plastic bags and well placed pillows can do the same. Personally, I'd choose a 

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 There's a mantra for that (suicide).
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 You've raised a good question.  But it is considered a higher principle that 
the end does not justify the means.  In other words, one must act licitly to 
make a moral act.  You cannot kill another person or group of persons in order 
to obtain political power--which we can see the evil effects that are happening 
in Iraq and Syria.  Similarly, the same principle applies to taking one's own 
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 If you were suffering from terminal brain cancer would you really want to see 
it through to the end as your mind, vision, hearing went away?
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   A woman just committed suicide with the aid of doctors in Oregon.  Is this 
justifiable in your own thinking?
 Vatican thinker brands US woman's suicide 'wicked'
 Vatican thinker brands US woman's suicide 'wicke... A senior Vatican official 
has condemned as "wicked" the assisted suicide of Brittany Maynard, an American 
woman suffering from terminal brain cancer. &...

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