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Gosh, that might really ruined
Salyavin's day. :-D 

Why? They possibly found life there in the 70's but they landed the rover in 
the wrong place and two of the three experiments they had on board to test for 
life weren't designed for the terrain they found themselves in.

The one experiment that possibly did find life was discounted as they did it on 
a majority vote. All expeditions to Mars since then have worked on the basis 
that there is no life and they haven't repeated the original experiments to 
make sure.

Why would discovering life anywhere ruin my day? I can't work that bit out.

You aren't going to get anywhere by asking questions of John, Sal. As I've 
pointed out many times and as you yourself have noticed, no possibility of 
actual dialogue exists with someone who is as gullible, feeble-minded, devoid 
of reasoning skills, and convinced of the Absolute Truth of the silly things he 
believes as he is. He's the kinda guy who would actually *believe* the 
horseshit in this video I found on FB:

The Principle | Facebook

The Principle | Facebook
Why are leading atheists freaking out about this new documentary? Why are they 
trying to hide the evidence?  
View on Preview by Yahoo  
 You'll love this, Salyavin. You thought that *Hagelin* misuses science to 
present hokum as if it were science? Wait until you watch *these* supposed 
"scientists" jump through hoops to "prove" their notion of a God in this 
astounding exercise in self-importance. They're actually trying to go back in 
time to the notion of an Earth-centric universe. 

What I like the most, however, is the notion of "leading atheists" freaking out 
that someone came up with in the teaser line for this video. What on earth do 
they think constitutes "leading atheists?" Do they think we non-theists have 
*contests* in which we sit around competing for first 
place, shouting "No, *I* believe less in the Invisible Man In The Sky 
than you do!?" :-)

But that's JohnR to a T, just another irrational theist imagining a "gotcha" in 
some imaginary battle against atheists that's happening only inside his own 
head. *Just* as he did when he hoped that his silly hokum about Mars would 
"ruin your day." 

He's just doing what fundamentalist believers have done for centuries -- 
projecting *THEIR* greatest fears onto us. He knows that if *he* ever was 
confronted with real evidence that contradicted any of the things he believes 
in so strongly it would ruin *his* day, so he mistakenly assumes that the same 
thing would happen for us. As you've stated so eloquently and so often, it 
wouldn't -- we *enjoy* learning new things and having it *demonstrated* how 
little we know. It's the fundamentalists who think they "know" everything and 
have nothing new to learn because they read about it some "scripture" who are 
terrified of real scientific discoveries. 

It's all just more 
self-important nonsense from the believers in the Invisible Man In The 
Sky. They've been like this for centuries, and they'll probably be like this 
for several more centuries, even after the rational world has passed them by 
and left them chanting and praying to their gods like the Neanderthals they 
are.  You nailed it some time back with your citation of Shelley's great quote: 
"God is an hypothesis, and, as such, stands in need of proof: the onus probandi 
– the burden of proof – rests on the theist." Here's a more modern scientist, 
saying essentially the same thing:

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>The NASA chief also claimed it may have life now.
 It appears that NASA is about to make an official
statement regarding its findings on Mars based on data
from the rovers.  Stay tuned.
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