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These can be found in the messages from the crop circles.  This new technology 
would more likely be suppressed by the energy companies and the 

Youtube is the opium of the masses. A plot by the New World Order to keep 
everyone in a state of complete mentally distracted ignorance. Probably a 
billion videos about that too....

And there really isn't anyone who is suckin' on that opium pipe more than 
JohnR. It's actually worse than Richard Williams, who seems to believe that 
"It's true if I found it on Wikipedia." JohnR thinks "It's true if I found it on

I think it's a theory worth exploring, this easy access to total drivel must be 
affecting how people assess evidence and formulate theories. If you don't study 
science at school you might get fooled into thinking that any documentary 
lookalike video with a voice over is as likely to be true as something that has 
had quality research behind it.

It must be having an affect on how people judge things, how they see the world. 
And most importantly why they choose to disbelieve so much that is clear to the 
rest of us. It's what is fuelling the idiocracy, except it's an idiocracy of 
people who are wilfully misinformed rather than intrinsically stupid. 

A passive populace kept occupied wondering about crop circles and aliens on the 
sun is just the sort of thing governments would want if they were up to no good 
and didn't want people looking into it. It's a conspiracy!

Sadly, it probably is. ALL governments these days would probably prefer that 
their populations focus on silly shit like this rather than what's being done 
to them on a daily basis. Interestingly, humorist Will Rogers found the 
solution to this decades ago:

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