First Barry, and now Edg.  This group seems to vacillate between being totally 
insignificant, and being the locus of all that's wrong with spiritual groups 
and America in general, according to some. 

 Go figure.

 Another informant letting us know how unworthy we are, and firing a shot, 
(maybe the hundredth) that if we don't shape up, "they're leaving"


---In, <> wrote :

 If you voted Republican, you're a supporter of evil.

"Evil" -- "harming the masses to make a profit."

From this day forth, fuck you.  I will not acknowledge you here -- you're a 
dead soul -- why would I talk to your zombie shell still breathing in the space 
in which once your innocence resided?

As this Age grinds on, I may be bludgeoned along with the rest of ya, but at 
least I'll be able to laugh as you go down with the ship, America, as it's 
scuttled for the insurance money (....I mean, "credit default swaps.")  the 
look on your face would be priceless, but I can see it "enough" in my 

Maybe I will drown before you, but at least I'll know that water's icy 
body-slam will have your teeth chatter-shatter-cracking against themselves as 
your last thoughts are that "you could have done something other than lead a 
life of such immense harm to so many."

I will not purposefully abide having in my mind any of the production of the 
sick fucks still HAUNTING this group.

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