This, from the largest consumer of American culture, by far.  The guy who can 
recite chapter and verse most  every American movie and TV show produced over 
the last 20, maybe 40 years. 

 And, good to know John Stewart is the final word on how American's think.

 Of course his gig, (as I understand it, having never watched his show), is to 
come up with something to grab people's attention every night.

 Never mind that the election results have followed the same pattern they have 
for probably the last forty years for off years.

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 Good riddance. The rest of the world won't miss America when it's gone. Maybe 
"Game Of Thrones," but it's not shot in America anyway, so we can imagine that 
Westeros might just carry on.


 As usual, John Stewart nailed "the meme that won the election." Americans are 
total suckers for F E A R, so to get their vote all you have to do is repackage 
the latest fear du jour and spend billions of dollars to broadcast it 24/7:



 From: Duveyoung <>
 Sent: Wednesday, November 5, 2014 7:11 AM
 Subject: [FairfieldLife] The vote was a Kali Yuga bloodbath
   If you voted Republican, you're a supporter of evil.

"Evil" -- "harming the masses to make a profit."

From this day forth, fuck you.  I will not acknowledge you here -- you're a 
dead soul -- why would I talk to your zombie shell still breathing in the space 
in which once your innocence resided?

As this Age grinds on, I may be bludgeoned along with the rest of ya, but at 
least I'll be able to laugh as you go down with the ship, America, as it's 
scuttled for the insurance money (....I mean, "credit default swaps.")  the 
look on your face would be priceless, but I can see it "enough" in my 

Maybe I will drown before you, but at least I'll know that water's icy 
body-slam will have your teeth chatter-shatter-cracking against themselves as 
your last thoughts are that "you could have done something other than lead a 
life of such immense harm to so many."

I will not purposefully abide having in my mind any of the production of the 
sick fucks still HAUNTING this group.

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