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 She is obviously telling black lies spawned in the pits of hell to undermine 
the efforts of all legitimately near dead people from fulfilling their missions 
by selling books, cds, seminars and other nostrums to people hungry for 
spiritual solace.

 On a more serious note, the NDEs seem to exist for 2 reasons. The first is for 
a few people like Dannion Brinkly to make bucks and get a lot of attention. The 
second is to affirm the existence of God, Jesus, Ascended Masters and so on and 
obviously the existence of life after death. So what do you think happens to a 
person after death Sal, if the NDEs are all just a lot of brain wave activity?


 Depends on the circumstances. If we get buried we go kinda green and smelly 
for a bit. If cremated we kinda go smokey for a few seconds.

 Oh wait, what happens to consciousness? right! I would have thought it's like 
going under an anaesthetic, one minute you're there and the next you aren't. 
Maybe in certain circumstances you get a groovy little trip like is outlined in 
these stories but these things are neurophysiological in origin and require a 
brain and it's energy system (body) to keep going and therefore won't last 
beyond the brain dying and the body cooling down. Not much of a rallying call 
to be honest and I can see why people prefer their comforting illusions to the 
cold inevitability of realism.

 Unless everything we know is a comforting illusion and we all go to heaven or 
somewhere. Or maybe we're already dead and we're in the matrix. Or maybe we're 
giant hunchback toadoids on Zeta Reticuli playing a computer game called 
"Earth". I don't see how anyone could possibly know but I can't see how there 
could possibly be any "us" without a brain for us to be a part of, or where 
this next world might actually be if it existed. If I was a gambling man I'd 
give it very low odds indeed.

 So all in all I go for my first option and "we" just cease to exist. Probably 
best to make the most of this life rather than hoping there is a better one 
waiting for us.




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   The recent study on Near Death Experiences was widely misreported by a 
hopeful media and caused a frenzy in pseudo-science pages on facebook etc.

 Susan Blackmore has spent a lifetime studying the paranormal and brain 
functioning and even had an NDE herself, her opinion is obviously worth 
hearing, her bit starts at 10 mins in:



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