Pagels Letter 
letterhead, Heinz R. Pagels, Ph.D., Executive Director
July 1,1986 
Robert Kropinski
P.O. Box 27352
Philadelphia, PA 19150

Dear Mr. Kropinski:

My comments here are intended to serve as an affidavit in the civil
action No. 85-2849, United States District Court for the District of
Columbia. They may not be used or published for any other purpose
without my written permission. 

My summary opinion, as a theoretical physicist specializing in the
area of quantum field theory, is that the views expressed in the literature
issued by the Maharishi International University, and appearing in the
"World Government News" and other publications associated with the
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi that purport to find a connection between the
recent ideas of theoretical physics--unified field theory, the vacuum state
and collective phenomena--and states of consciousness attained by
transcendental meditation are false and profoundly misleading. No
qualified physicist that I know would claim to find such a connection
without knowingly committing fraud.

While I am not an expert on the
meditation techniques advocated by the Maharishi I have experienced and
studied meditation methods in the Buddhist and Hindu traditions. There is
no known connection between meditation states and states of matter in

Individuals not trained professionally in modern physics could easily
come to believe, on the basis of the presentations in the Maharishi
literature, that a large number of qualified scientists agree with the
purported connection between modern physics and meditation methods.
Nothing could be further from the truth. 

What was especially interesting to me, in reviewing this literature, is
the claim put forth by the Maharishi and his followers, that transcendental
meditation and "The Science of Creative Intelligence" qualify as science. 

Although the word "science" is much abused, it continues to imply an
adherent to logic, the clear presentation of assumptions and deductions,
and the experimental method. Most importantly, any science necessarily
contains a recipe for its own falsification. None of these central features
of the Western concept of science are present in "The Science of Creative
Intelligence." This is not science. 

Many of the ideas of modern physics written about by Dr. Lawrence
H. Domash in "The Physics of Unity" (World Government News, Oct.,
1978) are correctly presented. But Dr. Domash goes on in his article to
interpolate these ideas as a vindication of transcendental meditation and
"the unity of consciousness." 

The claim that the fields of modern physics
have anything to do with the "field of consciousness" is false. The notion
that what physicists call "the vacuum state" has anything to do with
consciousness is nonsense. 

The claim that large numbers of people
meditating helps reduce crime and war by creating a unified field of
consciousness is foolishness of a high order. The presentation of the ideas
of modern physics side by side, and apparently supportive of, the ideas of
the Maharishi about pure consciousness can only be intended to deceive
those who might not know any better. 

Reading these materials authorized by the Maharishi causes me
distress because I am a man who values the truth. To see the beautiful and
profound ideas of modern physics, the labor of generations of scientists,
so willfully perverted provokes a feeling of compassion for those who
might be taken in by these distortions. 

I would like to be generous to the
Maharishi and his movement because it supports world peace and other
high ideals. But none of these ideals could possibly be realized within the
framework of a philosophy that so willfully distorts scientific truth. 

Sincerely yours, 
Heinz R. Pagels, Ph.D.
Executive Director 

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