I sent Edg's post about Charlie's assertion on UFO's etc to a buddy who was a 
real Charlie fan - he saw him a bunch of times - here is his take on Charlie:

"I think Charlie channeled a lot of his information which wasn't always 
reliable.  I never heard Charlie at a lecture refer to UFO's, but 
someone told me that he once said Maharishi got on a space ship, was 
gone for a while and then returned.  

Charlie would also go and listen to his old teacher Manley P. Hall every Sunday 
at the Philosophical Association in Los Fleiz, California.  

I don't 
believe that Charlie deliberately lied.  His sources weren't always 
reliable though.  He once said that the world would experience three 
days of darkness.  That never happened.  We (MIU people) confronted him 
about it in Iowa City.  He said he was only reporting what he was told, 
but he never explained "who' told him."

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