OTOH, California DID vote in prop 47 which reduces drug possession penalties from felonies to misdemeanors. That'll piss the prison industrial complex and the prison guards union off. But that is a non-partisan issue as many conservatives saw such incarceration as a waste of tax dollars too.

BUT, Californians fell for the propaganda from the health insurance industry and didn't pass prop 45 which would have allowed the state insurance commissioner to regulate health insurance increases. Bend over dummies.

Locally it looks like we've got an IT on the city council. Needed him there about 10 years ago where he could have proposed municipal fiber instead of the usual suspects we have now.

More and more the US is being run by the folks who wipe our butts daily: Georgia Pacific. Funny thing is they like Rand Paul who is kinda the Bernie Sanders of the Republicans (they'd even co-sponsored bills).

Of course it looks like DC passed pot legalization so our Congress will be getting quite high.

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Yup, Democracy in the US is an illusion. It's all a show run by the big corporations. Fascism is alive and well.


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