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 Hilarious, how does she keep a straight face!

She seems to be a comedian:  Diane Morgan -
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The interviews are priceless, you can tell they didn't know they were being set 

The "money" episode with Will Hutton is marvellous, he doesn't know what 
approach to take, probably wasn't expecting someone quite so dumb, usually he 
appears on the any flagship news programme that needs a heavyweight economist.

I honestly think this is one of the most clever riffs I've seen in many years, 
reminiscent of some of Andy Kaufman's stunts. She's just so perfectly deadpan 
that you really can't tell whether she's an idiot (as you suspect) or she's 
having you on (which you don't dare suspect because she showed up with a camera 
crew and you're hoping to be on telly). 

Diane Morgan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Diane Morgan is an English actress, comedian and writer. Originally from 
Bolton, Greater Manchester, she studied at East 15 Acting School before playing 
Dawn in Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights.[1] As a stand up comedian she has been 
placed second in the Hackney Empire New Act of the...  
on Preview by Yahoo  
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