perhaps it will dawn on you some day, Michael, that physics, like every other 
branch is an evolving science.  this piece by Hagel may one day be shown to be 
prescient, or may one day sound like a backward thinking scientist.  Perhaps we 
will find out. 

 Of course, there are statements by much greater pioneers in physics who have 
speculated, just the opposite of Hagels.  But acknowledging that would be the 
equivalent of throwing sand into the gearworks of your mind.

 ---In, <mjackson74@...> wrote :

 Why don't you ask Pagels if he has a degree in physics? Just because you want 
there to be a correlation between quantum physics and meditation ain't gone 
make it so.

 "certainly could be coded in Indian science" - this is a horseshit 
observation. Prove it and then Pagels will have to eat his words.

 You are also misreading the post. Pagels says nothing about ayurveda - the 
author merely referred to Chopra as a defender of ayurveda. Pagels is 
specifically addressing the idea that modern physics is found in ancient Hindu 
claptrap and that the claptrap is validated by modern physics. 


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 Do you have a physics degree, Michael?  A bit of what is in physics goes back 
centuries to Greece and other countries like China and yup probably India as 
well.  It's just observation and certainly could be coded in Indian science.  
Pagels must not know biochemistry or just thought that ayurveda uses exotic 
herbs he didn't have access too.  Examining the chemical properties of 
cinnamon, ginger, fennel, cloves he might have had a different opinion.
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   The notion that ancient Hindu mysticism is just quantum physics wrapped in 
metaphysical garb seems to have originated with Fritjof Capra in his book The 
Tao of Physics: An Exploration of the Parallels Between Modern Physics and 
Eastern Mysticism (1975). 
 The book's first two parts are excellent expositions on ancient religions and 
modern physics. The third part, which tries to connect the two is an abysmal 
failure and about the purest poppycock this side of Bombay. 
 Nevertheless, it has been this third part which has influenced numerous New 
Age energy medicine advocates to claim that quantum physics proves the reality 
of everything from chi and prana to ESP 
 The idea that there is such a connection is denied by most physicists but 
books like Capra's and Gary Zukav's The Dancing Wu Li Masters : An Overview of 
the New Physics (1976)overshadow and are much more popular than more sensible 
books written by physicists. 
 Chopra and other defenders of Ayurveda, following Capra and Zukav, are fond of 
claiming that modern physics has substantially validated ancient Hindu 
 However, physicist Heinz R. Pagels, author of The Cosmic Code: Quantum Physics 
as the Language of Nature vehemently rejects the notion that there is any 
significant connection between the discoveries of modern physicists and the 
metaphysical claims of Ayurveda. "No qualified physicist that I know would 
claim to find such a connection without knowingly committing fraud," says Dr. 

 The claim that the fields of modern physics have anything to do with the 
"field of consciousness" is false. The notion that what physicists call "the 
vacuum state" has anything to do with consciousness is nonsense. The claim that 
large numbers of people meditating helps reduce crime and war by creating a 
unified field of consciousness is foolishness of a high order. 
 The presentation of the ideas of modern physics side by side, and apparently 
supportive of, the ideas of the Maharishi about pure consciousness can only be 
intended to deceive those who might not know any better.
 Reading these materials authorized by the Maharishi causes me distress because 
I am a man who values the truth. To see the beautiful and profound ideas of 
modern physics, the labor of generations of scientists, so willfully perverted 
provokes a feeling of compassion for those who might be taken in by these 
distortions. I would like to be generous to the Maharishi and his movement 
because it supports world peace and other high ideals. But none of these ideals 
could possibly be realized within the framework of a philosophy that so 
willfully distorts scientific truth (Pagels
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