In addition to challenging electronic music’s relationship to its exterior 
surroundings, Margeir also considers it in relation to the listener’s interior: 
the mind. He meditates twice a day, every day, for at least twenty minutes. “I 
use the technique called TM (transcendental meditation), which is the technique 
that Maharishi Mahesh Yogi taught The Beatles in the 60s,” he explains. “If 
there’s one thing that I would recommend that you could do with your life, I 
would say ‘meditate.’ That’s my advice—to everyone.”

 Some People out there in the real world are actually having fun:
 Blue lagoon - Iceland Airwaves 2011 - DJ Margeir + Human Woman + Beka Hoop 
 Blue lagoon - Iceland Airwaves 2011 - DJ Margeir... The Blue lagoon party at Iceland 
Airwaves 2011... DJ Margeir (from Gluteus Maximus) + Human Woman aka Sexy Lazer 
& DJ Magic + Beka Hoop crowdsu...
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