Q. If the idea is for your message to gain as broad exposure as possible, why 
would it be wrong to provide transcripts of what was said in the various 
interviews with Maitreya that you claim have been happening? If these 
interviews are making an impression, why have there not been any leaks from any 
of the media personnel presumably involved?
 A. Maitreya is acting incognito. Even those He works with for the production 
of His media appearances are unsure of His true status.

 Q. What makes you so sure Maitreya is a ‘he’?
 A. I have worked for Maitreya for many years and know my right from my left 

 Q. My understanding is that the USA’s history/military involvement (i.e. since 
World War I-II) has not been justified. It seems that we are only making things 
worse by continuing the cycle of violence. That said, what is the best action 
(or inaction) we can take about ISIS?
 A. The existence of ISIS is a result of the war in Iraq and the divisions 
which have emerged since the death of Saddam Hussein. They are also the result 
of the sense of inequality felt by the poorer members of the Muslim community 
as a whole. There is only one way out of this major problem and that is the one 
proposed by Maitreya – the sharing of the produce of the world, freedom and 
justice for all peoples. 

 Q. Were you putting words in the mouth of the Masters when you had them making 
the preposterous claim that 80 per cent of global warming or climate change is 
manmade? The most drastic climate shifts occurred before industrial 
civilization, or even civilization itself – the Ice Ages, the mediaeval warming 
period and the Little Ice Age, when fairs were held in winter on the frozen 
Thames. How does it help your cause to offer such ill-considered views, as if 
to say, just like many religious fundamentalists, that science and reason are 
inferior to what purports to be Divine revelation but clearly is far from that? 
 A. I am quite aware of the various climatic changes stretching back in time 
but that is not what I have been talking about. I have not been talking about 
historical climate shifts but about the recent impact of the misuse of 
resources of the planet which has made man responsible for 80 per cent of 
global warming in recent times.

 Q. (1) How does Hierarchy see the role of NATO now and in the near future? (2) 
Should NATO be disbanded?
 A. (1) As a necessary world grouping. (2) No.

 Q. Sun spot activity in the last week of August and early September 2014 has 
been dramatic. (1) What is the energetic effect on our planet and on humanity 
of such violent solar storms? (2) Are such solar eruptions beneficial for our 
 A. (1) Profound in many ways. (2) Yes.

 Q. I recently have begun to read books by Benjamin Creme and Alice Bailey; and 
I’ve come across references to “The Plan”; I would like to know if you can 
provide me with information concerning the Plan, and point to where I can get 
further information.
 A. The Plan is the Plan of Hierarchy for the perfectionment of men. It is the 
Plan of Evolution including the evolution of consciousness. A study of the 
books of Alice Bailey will give a clear idea of this subject.

 Q. A cursory glance at the internet seems to suggest that UFO activity appears 
to be increasing. (1) Is this true? (2) Are the space people stepping up their 
activity? (3) Are the space people allowing themselves and their crafts to be 
seen more frequently?
 A. (1) Yes. (2) Yes. (3) Not markedly.

 Q. (1) Are more crop circles appearing in new locations? (2) Are media 
reporting them more?
 A. (1) Yes. (2) No, if anything, less.

 Q. What is the value of equipping the mind through education and general 
learning when that very process could inhibit the ability to contact the soul 
and also our ability to simply ‘be’? 
 A. No one can fully partake of life today who has not enriched his/her mind.


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