She's the flower of compassion, ain't she?

Rick Archer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
*** Swami G has a website:

a timely offering
on this ongoing subject)

* Next question: If a disciple goes astray and then comes
back to you and asks for forgiveness, is this almost always,
always or rarely granted?

g: depends ....... if they have taken Diksha elsewhere then No
--- the bond is broken ..... other situations are case by case ....

* I am starting to run into a dilemma by the minute. I
have all my travel plans for India but I think I am getting talked
out of it as I continue to ask you questions.

G: while india may hold a lot of allure ---- it is Not the sole
place where an authentic Guru may be found.......

* When you say Diksha, there must be a vast difference and
degree of it according to circumstances. For example, Kalki
Bhagwan has his disciples or even I think students that are not
full blown disciples give Diksha. He also has Diksha going on
in his ashram. A Diksha giver that I met in New York said it is
much more powerful at the ashram.

G: yes -----

* It is explained in Kalki Bhagawan's site that his dasaJi's
give the Diksha because if he did it, it would be too

G: i say that is total balderdash ...... he is just to lazy to
take on that mantle ....... therefore it is being taken over by
others so he can put his energies elsewhere .......
WHY do guru's promote such crap ? that it would be just to
overpowering IF he gave Diksha directly .......
sorry i can't nor won't promote such a statement as being
anyway valid.....

* Would you give one of your disciples permission to take
Diksha elsewhere?

G: absolutely Not .......

you cannot walk two paths --- under two Guru's at one time.......
i don't have the time nor inclination to continually undo the
confusion that takes place when that happens ........ Before
taking Diksha sadhakas should decide on One path ......

* What if one of your disciples took Darshan from mother
Meera, for example-she touches your head, and looks at you.

G: Darshan is different than Diksha ......

Diksha is transmitting some of the Guru's energy to awakening
or stabalizing your Kundalini ----- it is also a Commitment
like getting married ...... you don't go to the altar and enter into a
marriage with more than one person at a time .... Diksha is
almost like getting married and yet it is even a deeper
commitment ...... the Guru is making a commitment to Guide
you for the whole of this life and even beyond if needed ..... Why
should Any authentic Guru commit to such a thing with a
sadhaka who prefers to not honor such a relationship .???.....

Do you think it is ok to chase prostitutes and dishonor your wife ?
perhaps a prostitute may give you a moment of joy but then you
take the risk of picking up a disease ...... so what is better ?
to chase prostitutes or to have a pure marriage with one that
cares for your welfare ???

this isn't like signing up for a new course ..... a new college
class...... Unfortunately this is how sadhakas are viewing Diksha
and entering a path ......... oh it's just another type of learning
and more is better .......

No it isn't ..... not when it comes to walking through a Kundalini
path .......

* Or for example, I went to this center in NY, and then when
the lady asked me to meditate with her mantra or chant, I
explained that I already have my meditation technique so I
will do that instead.

G: this would be the correct way to handle it ......

* Are these sort of undertakings enough for you to part with a
disciple? If so, then isn't it an individual consideration for each
Guru based on his style, to determine which punishment fits
which crime (so to speak)?

G: there is no *punishment* ....... the Guru will either work with
you ------ or when the bond has been breached on Purpose then
Why in the world does the Guru owe you anything ?

Sort of like if you have a husband that is carrying on an affair or
running after prostitutes.... Why in the world should the wife
continue to honor a commitment with her whole heart when it is
clear that this Trust has been broken ...... this relationship has
been severed on the energetic and heart levels by his actions .....

Can you understand it better by this analogy ? it is not an ego
thing on the part of the Guru ...... it is a full on Commitment to
aide you within your journey ..... the Guru is offering you the way
to find the Pearl of Great Price ........ they are offering their time,
expertise , energy , hearts commitment , support , a stabilizing
influence , clarity which you yet do not posses .....

Now what are you offering in return ???
to listen on occasion when you feel like it ? and then to run here
and there seeing what else you can go play at ?

Why oh Why would an authentic Guru continue to offer a precious
chance at liberation to one who has only eyes for his wayward
life ?? it is Amazing to see people expecting Guru's to jump
through their hoops .....

What in the world do you think is so enticing about accepting
sadhakas ?

what great boon as a sadhaka are you offering that any Guru
should be salivating after ????

Authentic Guru's offer this path out of Compassion .......

Nothing has been offered that may be bought ..... there is not
enough money in the world to purchase true Liberation ..... you
cannot Buy Realization it is a Grace that takes place ....... to put
any price tag on this is to cheapen it ...... and This Guru is not a
cheap whore ..... Neither will this Guru continue to beg
sadhakas to accept what is to Their benefit .......

what was it Christ said ? My God - my God how long must i
suffer this faithless generation ....... "

indeed how long ?

Guru's that are selling courses and infor. have left being
authentic Gurus and have sold out ...... they are now
merchandisers ----- just another buisness with a spiritual flavor
........ yet they are So attractive ----- bigger names --- hawking
bigger stories ...... it makes authentic Guru's want to cry when
the Glitz is being confused with what is real ...... oh but this Guru
has bigger claims or they tell a good joke and are entertaining
---- like Osho .... Wow follow your bliss ------ or the next
proclaimed avatar ...... showmanship sells .....

why do people continue to chase wolves in sheeps clothing ?
is it because the costumes and masks are playing into peoples
Imaginations of how it Should look ? how it should sound ?

This is Kaliyuga -------

are there NONE that have eyes to see ? how blind is this
generation ?

maha shanti om

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