Because the human brain and perceptual system is especially tuned to face like 
forms, if you hunt enough you can find the likenesses of faces in just about 
any location. The Indian Head formation in the image below in New Hampshire is 
one example (it no longer exists as the rock face collapsed a few years ago). 
Finding shapes that look like familiar forms in the rocks on Mars is pretty 
easy considering the large number of images NASA has collected over the past 40 
years. Looked at from another angle, those appearances may not look the same at 
all. Remember the 'face on Mars' from an orbital photo years ago? That turned 
out to be a mesa when rephotographed under higher resolution and it did not 
look like a face at all, it was just a trick of lighting and the low resolution 
of the original first photograph. Now finding something that looked exactly 
like an egg beater on the surface of Mars, that would be something. But these 
blurry rocks that sort of look like something, that is dim perception and dim 

 Sometimes I see faces in the bundle of laundry thrown on the floor. Does that 
mean I have just discovered something momentous about the Earth and its 
history? All it means is my nervous system has detected a pattern that 
resembles one in my memory. Further investigation would be needed to affirm or 
deny anything beyond that. Having known UFO buffs, all I can say is they seem 
almost totally incapacitated when it comes to understanding science, its mental 
framework, and its method. Words indeed, fail.... 
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 NASA identified this rock but does not comment to its similarity to an 
elongated head which probably depicts the likeness of the Mars inhabitants in 
the distant past.


 "NASA JPL photo analysts had concluded that the apparent statue of a head was 
likely a rock that had been created either from a meteor impact or ancient 
volcanic activity. Another possible explanation, not mentioned by NASA JPL, is 
that the stone anomaly was part of a larger statue that had been carved during 
a past Martian civilization, and subsequently destroyed during cataclysmic 

 Words fail me.....

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