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> > Nonsense. Y2k bug  never was. You can try to justify your previous 
> > faith in it, but there never was a threat.
> > 
> > Bird flu will all blow over in less than a year, and when it does 
> > you will be stuck with the name in your brain...."Off_world_beings".

Like Y2K, the bird flu issue is most certainly real, though the hype
about it may not be - the question is how lethal the mutated strain
that can pass from human to human will be.  I wasn't worried about Y2K
because I saw the world markets weren't in Dec, 1999 - not that the
problem never existed but that corporations had adequately dealt with
it to avoid major problems.  Still a little early for financial
markets to react to bird flu.

>From Wikipedia, on Y2K.  

In the end, significant disasters such as nuclear reactor meltdowns or
plane crashes did not occur, but the number of non-critical Y2K errors
encountered on January 1, 2000 was extensive. Due to the lack of
disasters and the faulty "end of the world" expectations, the public
largely, but perhaps wrongly, regarded the Y2K passage as a non-event.

Ironically, many people were upset that there appeared to be so much
hype over nothing, because the vast majority of problems had been
fixed correctly. Some critics have suggested that much preventive
effort was unnecessary. Their argument is it would have been cheaper
not to spend as much examining non-critical systems for flaws and
simply fix the few that would have failed after the event. The
argument of their opponents is that, had it not been for such efforts,
the problem would have been much worse and widespread.

For those not involved in the preventive effort, the conclusion that
all the efforts have been a waste was easy to draw, as they had no
knowledge of the countless systems that had been corrected, but had
only witnessed the problems that had not been fixed in time. Also, few
of them realized that fixing the problems afterwards would have been
much harder as active millennium problems would have complicated
matters. But in any case, for many systems the checking procedure
involved replacement with new, improved functionality and thus in many
cases the expenditure proved useful regardless.

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