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 Ann, did you watch the video? If yes, what did you think of it? It's mainly 
footage, not stills. A lot from movies...

 Well, I don't agree with bawee's take on this video. It was not the production 
of a "bliss ninny". What I didn't like about the video was the fast cuts - it 
was like the editor was on speed and it meant much of the imagery was lost amid 
a hodge podge of flashing images that incorporated the make believe (movies) 
with 'real life' footage. It took too much energy to try and keep up with it 
all. The message was also a bit preachy for my taste. Some of the concepts were 
valid and, no doubt, meant to inspire us with positivity and the sense that we 
can seize the day, the power of ourselves and the goodness within who we are to 
bring about change. The intention of this short was to inspire but I felt a bit 
exhausted by it all. So, for me it didn't, in the end, work as a production 
that got its message across. I think it is a worthwhile message but the way in 
which it was conveyed was far too manic and didactic. There was no space given 
to the viewer to actually figure out how they were feeling about it all as the 
message was unfolding.
I would give it a C for grade but thanks for posting. I enjoy discussing this 
kind of thing. 





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