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Yeah, right.
/Yeah, Wright.

Uh oh, Buck pushed Barry's button again. It's all about having been there and done that - got the T-shirt.

Now I ask you, if it's true what others are saying about them and they lied to us for all those decades, why would anyone believe anything they say now?

Go figure./
Let's see...between Curtis and I we've probably spent more time in meditation and on "long rounding courses" than you, we've probably spent more time in the same room with Maharishi than you, and we're on record as having had some remarkable subjective experiences during our time with TM. At least two of the people you characterize as being "ignorant of spiritual experience" because they're not gung-ho TM supporters have had extended personal experiences with enlightenment.

You're lying, Doug. Not just to the "audience" here, but to yourself. We have had JUST as much (if not more...when was the last time YOU had an experience of enlightenment?) "spiritual experience" as you or anyone else here has. What you're upset about is that 1) we don't VALUE our experiences as being as important as you think they are, and ) we don't INTERPRET our experiences the way you do. Plus, Curtis and my experience spending many years around Maharishi and Salyavin's experience spending many years in and around the inner workings of the UK TM movement probably give us more "hands on" experience with movement bureaucracy than you have ever had, and that pretty much anyone else here other than Rick has ever had.

You're just pissed off that we don't believe what we were told to believe, the way you do. It really is that simple. We learned to think for ourselves, something you've never managed to do, and you resent it. You're a lemming, and you're pissed off that we stepped out of the crowd running, running, running for that elusive goal you were told is right in front of you, and will appear any day now.

I can appreciate that you guys can not see this and that you think instead that it is about you. -Buck

OF COURSE it's about us, you dumb fuck. We are the ones you demonize...over and over and over and over and over and...well, you get the picture.

And as Curtis points out, you *choose* to demonize us INSTEAD OF saying anything positive about the things you supposedly believe. WE challenge ideas, and you react by trying to demonize US. There is something essentially feeble-minded and pathetic about this...

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