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nope, one comment and one agreement does not, imo, equal ganging up. OTOH, I 
thought you weren't going to post about or to me anymore. 

That was just posturing, Share. Good for you for having noticed it and pointed 
it out, but you should know by now that if Ann actually *did* stop responding 
to you, me, or the other people she obsesses on and compulsively stalks she'd 
have nothing whatsoever to post about. 

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Remarkably accurate assessment of Anne's act and history here on FFL. 

I wonder, in Share's world, if this is "ganging up" yet. LOL. Thanks bawee, I 
just won a couple of bets with some people thanks to your post here. 
Predictable? You betcha!

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Share, don't take it

Ann is a founding member of the MGC. She's proly been actively insidious since 
school - after all, she repeats such behavioron FFLad nauseum. However, she
appears unaware that it reveals her hollowness.  
She offers no original
content to FFL but rather "critiques" anyone who does. It's a
testimony to her meaningless unintelligence. This is what happens when someone
loses their "pretty and attractive" façade and has to finally depend
upon their vacuous intellect.  
As for mood-making … a
variety of these posters on FFL are mere moodies - in this case shilling for
the TMO in one way or another. Very few can carefully analyze MMY’s many
statements and claims about the “lineage of masters” and compare them with the 
teachings of this lineage. 
You should proly give up the
illusion of dialog with Ann. She isn’t the slightest bit interested in what you
have to say. She only wants an opportunity to vomit in your face.  
Wake up and smell the puke. 
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