Best of luck to you off, may you prosper in the current housing market
and may you get your massive hallucinations under control.

"under Akasha's scenario, not mine" --- hahahaha, good one.


--- In, off_world_beings <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> >> Can you bring this thread to Fairfield. ?>>>
> I think that one of the things that would happen if Akasha's 
> scenario takes place would be that people would be out on the street 
> across the country - can't afford rent, can't afford to buy, can't 
> afford to run a car. Any rentals that work would soon turn to slums 
> since landlords would squeeze as many of the now low paying renters 
> into the houses as possible. Unemployment is high under Akasha's 
> scenario also. So milliopns of people would suddenly not be able to 
> live the life they are accustomed to . There would be not enough 
> money from taxes to pay for the police and army, and the black hole 
> of Iraq would suck up any excess. A break-down in law and order 
> would occur and corruption among police and politicians would be 
> rife. Under Akasha's scenario, not mine, The already millions of 
> dirt poor immigrants in US would now have nothing, but would take 
> the opportunity to re-organize themselves and become a volatile and 
> unpredictable force within the breaking down society. If the US 
> pulls out of Iraq before it is a stable dictatorship again, the 
> middle east will meltdown and oil prices will skyrocket. All the 
> people who have been moving to the East and West coasts of the US, 
> raising the population there, would be in a 1930's depression-like 
> situation. While the now depopulating midwest would suffer loss of 
> income from farming and other business. Oil prices would stifle the 
> midwest to some extent.
> Next (under Akasha's scenario, not mine), the Chinese would make 
> their move to start to buy or take over parts of the US based on the 
> massive debt the US owes them. The US military would be in dissarray 
> and corrupt due to lack of funding, and a better organised nation 
> will have to take control someohow (directly or indirectly) of the 
> dangerous US armeries. The greatest superpower on earth would have 
> imploded.
> However (under Akasha's scenario, not mine), the midwest would most 
> likely be the least affected area since it is the least populated 
> and those from the West and East coast, who could do so, would move 
> to the Midwest in droves to escape the chaos elswhere. They would 
> also make life-changing decisions and (under Akasha's scenario, not 
> mine),  masses of them would move to Fairfield seeking a better way 
> than before. Thus DIRECTLY impacting a good way. 
> Fairfielders would welcome them and they would learn the ways of the 
> enlightened and house prices and business across the midwest would 
> take off to be mecca that many east and west coasters would now seek.
> This is the relevance to Fairfield that Akasha is trying to convey.
> However, how many people here think that this scenario or a version 
> of it will happen? 
> If you think some of it will happen please pinpoint which aspects 
> you think are feasible.
> Personally , I am with you, it is not a good place on FFL to discuss 
> in such great swaths of cut and paste articles the hypothetical 
> housing bubble bust, nor the hypothetical bird flu disaster.
> Off World

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