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Re "the real "lesson" being taught in this film is that humans are pretty much 
fucked unless some unspecified someone/something (be it alien or theistic) 
provides a mystical Woo Woo way to save us.":

Which, interestingly, is also the message of 2001. One big difference between 
2001 and this movie (judging by your comments) is that the characters in 
Interstellar have emotional issues whereas in 2001 the characters have no 
emotional affect at all - which is what helps give Kubrick's film a hypnotic 

Very perceptive comment, s3raphita. I am so NOT a big Kubrick fan, for this 
very issue. In real life, he was human-phobic, terrified of flying or being in 
close proximity to his fellow humans. IMO, this shows in his work. As you point 
out, "2001" can be viewed as "Humans in space...uh...without the humans."  :-)

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I've figured out one of the reasons I was not knocked out by the movie, BTW -- 
deus ex machina.

Given the basic plot (which I will not reveal), the real "lesson" being taught 
in this film
is that humans are pretty much fucked unless some unspecified someone/something 
(be it alien or theistic) provides a mystical Woo Woo way to save us. 

I think this is dumb, on pretty much all levels. It's like Nabby, waiting for 
Maitreya. It's a belief system that actually *prevents* humans from taking 
steps to save themselves.

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Having seen the trailer I thought of
the film as another one of  Warner Brothers "agenda" movies.  This
may well not pan out for WB because people are getting a little
sick of being manipulated by such movies.  But there may be enough
bored people to get a good turnout at the box office this weekend
even if they don't like the movie.

WB is in deep shit and having to lay off people.  But that's
nothing as it is happening to a lot of major corporations.  The
foolish elite never learned the lessons that even Henry Ford knew
that if you want to sell product the public better have money to
buy it.  The attempt of the global elite to turn the masses into
chickens in coops hopefully will fail miserably.  After all who
are they to dictate to us how we should live?

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>>I'm still trying
to decide whether I liked this movie or not. 
>>It was certainly
a visual treat, once we got past the visions of
Earth As Neo-Dustbowl About To Die and out into
space. And as I'd heard, it was certainly chock
full 'o homages to "2001," not the least of which
is a spaceship-docking scene that really rocked
the socks off of "CGI state of the art." 
>>I guess my main
reservation is that Christopher Nolan seems to
have spent the lion's share of the movie trying to
inspire in me a profound emotional reaction to the
father-daughter story he spent so long developing,
and none of that effort succeeded. If I was
supposed to be all teary-eyed at the end, I wasn't. If I
was supposed to be all inspired, I wasn't. And I
can't really tell you why yet...I must ponder the
film and think about it further and maybe I'll be
able to come up with an answer. 
>>A minor part of
the reason may have been that so many of the
actors in the film -- Matthew McConaughey, Michael
Caine, John Lithgow, Matt Damon, and others --
seemed to MUMBLE their way through the entire
film. I found myself constantly having to look at
the subtitles (which for me were in Dutch) to
figure out what they were saying. Go figure. 
>>The basic black
hole plot was pretty intelligent SciFi, with few
completely cringeworthy moments, but if I have to
make excuses for a SciFi movie that was trying so
desperately to grab me emotionally by saying that
nothing struck me as terribly awful
scientifically, something is just not quite right.
I'll keep pondering it and try to come up with
some reasons for why I'm as underwhelmed as I

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