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Re "Orange Sunshine was pretty mellow":

I'll second that - though "mellow" when we're talking about acid is still 
pretty mind-blowing compared with, say, "pot" . . .

One thing that strikes me about current perceptions of the sixties is that 
young people today are presented with two "narratives":
1) the mods/swinging London/Beatlemania/aren't-we-all-having-fun-now story - 
which has some truth to it; and
2) those self-congratulatory reminiscences in which veterans smugly relate how 
they paved the way for the rise of feminism/racial equality/PC - which also has 
something to be said for it.

What's missing out is the fact that the late sixties/early seventies where 
actually pretty scary! You really felt that society was tearing itself apart 
and that all bets were off as far as the future was concerned.

Still, that sense of possibility was invigorating!

OK, this is intriguing. The way you write this, s3raphita, it "reads" as if you 
were there, doing that. In the UK, that is. 

If so, cool. I and a few others here (very few, as far as I can tell) were 
doing the same thing over in America. 

If you have stories of that period for you, and how it related to helping you 
become what you are today, I not only would be interested in hearing them, I'd 
agree to "swap stories" and turn it into a real Kumbaya Fest.  :-)

Peace. Love. Got a quarter?

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Orange Sunshine was pretty mellow,
Owsley's Purple Haze was rather mind shattering and pure Sandoz
very creepy.  Psilocybin was hallucinogen without paranoia (LSD
probably had that side effect due to stuff it was cut with).  The
drug I stayed away from was cocaine.  I can thank Johnny Cash
since he claimed it gave him a "deviated septum" and none us in my
band wanted that.

In 1970 I gave George Lucas a copy of "Autobiography of a Yogi"
and he told me he was going to read it.  Guess he did.

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I was a long married, suburban housewife during the early
hippie movement. Funnily enough, my hubby and I got our
marijuana from a guy stationed at Ft. Meade! Go figger
indeed. I was too scared to do LSD, thank God!
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>We attended class and
listened to Stephen Gaskin every Monday
evening for several months back in 1970.
He gave lectures at the Family Dog and
hundreds of people would gather to get
high and listen to his words of wisdom.
Gaskin is the first person to explain to
me what karma means. A few weeks later I
was able to use that word in a sentence
talking to Travis Rivers about the SF
Oracle newspaper. Stephen Gaskin, R.I.P.
>This was the early days when if you had
read Yogananda's book you were considered
to be advanced spiritually. By then I was
reading Tibetan Yoga and Secret
Doctrines. Go figure. For those who
were too young or weren't born yet, have
you ever wondered what it would have been
like to be in the first wave of hippies
that crested in the late 1960s and early
70s? Here is a nice report:
>Stephen Gaskin leads the Monday
Night Class at the Family Dog in 1970
(Photo: Gerald Wheeler)

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