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 In over his head and terrified of having to deal with Sal's awesome intellect, 
Nabby attempts to distract him. Will it work? Tune in next week to "As The 
Kalpas Turn" and find out. 




 LOL, there's nothing awesome about my intellect I'm happy to say. Just going 
to open a bag of crisps and watch the Simpsons and maybe go down the pub later 
once I've finished vetting Brian Cox Youtube vid's for pertinence and clarity, 
but at least I don't have to worry about vetting them for woo-woo, which is 

 And then I'll watch Nabby's latest photographic offering and maybe even 
implement the techniques. Undistractedly of course.

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   With one lens only he can create any beachphoto he ever dreamed of:
 Cool Tricks for Panoramas in Difficult Light Conditions - PLP #167 
 Cool Tricks for Panoramas in Difficult Light Conditions ... 
 To get my source files, sign up at: http://bit.ly/sourcefiles-167 Panoramas 
are a good way to show the beauty of a grandiose scene, and often we have to...

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