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> Maharishi Speaks on Blessings of the Devatas on Deva Prabhodini
> (A transcript done by an American Purusha)
> 2:18:15 minutes into the morning Puju on Deva Prabhodini (from 
Purusha CD)
> November 12, 2005
> Deva Prabhodini, Ekadashi
> Word- for ­word transcript
> Maharishi: ³Jai Guru Dev. Jai Guru Dev. All the rajas are 
listening? Yes?²
> Bevan:  yes, Maharishi.
> Maharishi: ³Now we have all the Devatas wake up and from their 
side they are
> coming together asking what we want.  So, we are telling them:  
> from your level, you decide, and we want all that is possible for 
you to
> give.² 
> ³So, they seem to be coming to us through the window of the 
treasury of Raja
> Raam, the treasury of the Global Country of World Peace, and 
through the
> Finance Minister all the windows, the doors of he treasury¹s from 
> directions are now open and all the rajas are asking us what you 
want. And
> our request to them is:  how much you are satisfied with us, 
please give us
> your blessings, your parental role for us, at least in our globe, 
in our
> world, we want to see all our people peaceful, happy, fulfilled, 
> fully enlightened, and in possession of all 
possibilitiesŠCreativity, which
> will be unlimited, unbounded, eternal, and ever-lasting. This is 
what our
> reply to the fully awakened, all the Devatas today.
> ³And that is the gift that hasŠit has been coming on from Guru 
> coming on from Guru Purnima... and now today it seems that the 
waking up of
> all the Devatas, devotani Ekadashi, waking up of the... all the 
Devatas, and
> the picture before us today is that the Ganges started drop by 
drop from
> Gangotri and it flowed and it flowed and it flowed, and now we see 
in the
> form of Ganga SagarŠ Ganga Sagara is the ocean of Ganga.
> ³At Gangotri it was a drop, and the drop became a flow, and the 
flow became
> unlimited ocean, silent and full of waves. So, today, the 
awakening of all
> the Devatas is such a great upsurge of our fortune with the 
fortune of all
> our dear world around, and we have done very, very well.
> ³And, as the Puja was, as the Puja was about to end, we say, a 
little before
> ending, we haveŠ just that expression in terms of wealth--  we 
used to have
> that expression:  ³through the window of science we see the dawn 
of the Age
> of Enlightenment. ³
> ³Now, the dawn has burst out into the Day, into the bright mid-day 
sun. So,
> it¹s a great upsurge of our fulfillment. It¹s very beautiful. It¹s 
> beautiful. 
> ³So, whatever the days are going to follow, they are going to be 
an open
> window of Kuber, open window of Raam, open window of all the 
> MahalakshmiŠunbounded, MahasaraswatiŠ unbounded, Durgamba, the 
power of
> creativityŠ unbounded, just unbounded, just unbounded.
> ³So with these blessings, the flow that stop, that started, now we 
see it
> was a drop by drop on Guru Purnima, but it was a full moon, but 
now we see
> that it was a full moon, and now we see full sunshine into the 
ocean of
> infinite affluence, Unbounded field of everything one could ever 
> ³It¹s a great thing.  It¹s a very great thing we have been through 
today, a
> very great thing, and the Vedic Pandits have opened the door of 
all the
> Devatas and they have received the Devatas in their own language. 
So, then,
> each Devata has its own language.
> ³Very beautiful Puja, offering to the awakening of the Devatas one 
> another, and then, the Devata of the Devatas, MahaVishnu.  It is a 
> great blessing. So, we remain in this, and now we just meditate 
and mediate
> and have very good, full rest.
> ³In the mean time, we will have some showers of this awakening of 
all the
> Devatas in our conscious awareness to the whole west of our world, 
> these, they are making all the Devatas in Washington, and from 
> further on, Dr. Hagelin is on the extreme end of the setting sun, 
he is in
> California,  probably that side.
> ³So, from India, to CaliforniaŠthe whole world, all the Devatas 
are awake,
> and what we have to do isŠ just fulfilled.  We feel fulfilled. No 
> hasŠ remains on our part.  The Devatas have blessed us with the 
fruit of all
> action.
> ³We have been talking ³yogasthah Kuru karmani.² It¹s realized 
today on this
> Ekadashi, Devotani Ekadashi, Devotani Ekadashi, the eleventh day 
of all the
> Devatas who have woken up. Really we are blessed
> ³And what we have to do? We have to be prepared to how to enjoy 
from all
> directions everywhere, everywhere. And from tomorrow we¹ll have 
all windows
> open for joy, joy, joy.²-Maharishi, Deva Prabhodini, a.m. Lecture

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