The one local measure of interest in Butte Count, was how much pot you can grow 
on your land. With the economy flailing about, a lot of people wanted a new 
revenue stream. The losing proposition (which I voted for) allows a 10x10 plot, 
up to 12 plants, for anyone with a half, to five acres. This is the status quo. 
The competing initiative would've allowed up to 99 plants in that space. I 
don't care what the health problem is, no one smokes that much! 
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 And the election we just had won't do anything to solve the problem.  We had 
not much of any choice, just tweedle-dee and tweedle-dumber.  I only voted on 
propositions which is sort of a direct though questionable form of Democracy.  
The questionable part is the public voting on complex propositions that only 
lawyers would understand and some that really need to be debated in the state 
 I also voted on replacing members of the city council which appears to have 
rid itself of an opportunist. It's just that the large number of mail in 
ballots have yet to be counted a portion of which would have voted on the 
council positions and at last count there were only a few votes separating the 
two runner ups.  The yuppie woman got enough votes to be re-elected leaving one 
chair up and between two candidates, one a former IT tech and the other a 
forensics manager.  Either would do and I voted for both (and not for the 
yuppie). Lord knows we need people who know tech legislating rather than the 
clueless so the IT guy was my first choice and the forensics manager is a 
neighbor who pledged to represent those of us on the right side of the tracks 
er freeway.
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   Turns out this video is a fake - still damned funny of course.

 The video, titled "How Americans Live Today," features an English voiceover 
purportedly translating the original Korean narration. The phony translation 
describes hyperbolic scenes of Americans being forced to live in tents and 
eating melted snow in order to survive. The man behind the farce? British 
travel writer Alun Hill, who doesn't speak a word of Korean. The original video 
from North Korea's official Korean Central News Agency apparently depicts the 
failure of European democracy.


 The fact that it's so easy to take it as genuine is sufficient indictment of 
the regime.


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