I haven't heard of this rumor.  IMO, the Raiders would rather move elsewhere 
than share a stadium with the 49ers.

 But I just read today that John Madden doesn't know what is wrong with the 
team either.  He stated that Jon Gruden may not be the coach who would bring 
the team's glory back to Oakland.

 I agree with Madden.  The team needs a drastic change in football concepts.  
It should hire one of the coaches from the University of Oregon who are using 
the concepts pioneered by Chip Kelly, the current coach of the Eagles in 

 As shown by their performance, the Raiders playbook is old, stale and hasn't 
kept up with the current development in football as played in the NFL.

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 When the crooks and liars from the 49ers organization, we're trying 
(successfully) to get Santa Clara (pop 100,000) to assume the 850M bond for 
construction, and be responsible for all maintenance, and ownership of Levi 
Stadium, WITHOUT receiving a penny from game revenues, one of the fantasies 
floated, was the Raiders would share the stadium - As if.

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 It's probably a good idea.  The Raiders don't look like they're going to win 
any more football games in Oakland, CA.  In jyotish, this is an indication to 
move to another place where the support of nature is better for getting a more 
successful organization.


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