Re "Putin could invade and take over Europe ": 
 Putin is a prize dick all right. But isn't it more likely that a serious 
conflict would kick off in the Pacific with that moron in charge of North 
Korea, and with China and Japan squaring up to each other.

 Completely agree with you about the money thing. As the Americans already have 
all that hardware and expertise the least the Europeans could do is up the 
amount of cash they give to NATO. Although, as the chart below shows, the UK, 
France, Germany and Italy together spend more than twice what Russia spends on 
defence. And Russia's military equipment is hopelessly outdated and badly 
maintained - though Hitler made that same (mis)calculation!
 Rank Country Spending ($ Bn.) % ofGDP World share (%) 
World total 1747.0 2.4 100 
 3 Russia 87.8 4.1 
 5 France 61.2 2.2 3.5 6 UK 57.9 2.3 3.3 7 Germany 48.8 1.4 2.8 
 11 Italy 32.7 1.6 1.9 

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 It's like Nabby, waiting for Maitreya. It's a belief system that actually 
*prevents* humans from taking steps to save themselves. >
 Non sequitur. The truth is, you are screwed if you are living in Europe. Putin 
could invade and take over Europe in a few weeks if he wanted to and there's 
nothing anyone could do about it, short of starting WW III. Because the 
Europeans wouldn't pay for their own defense they are now dependent on the U.S. 
to protect them. 
 But, for how long - it's been almost 70 years since we came over there to 
liberate Europe - how long can the U.S. be expected to be their protector? 
Maybe it's time for Europe to pay it's own way so we can bring our troops home.
 "In one form or another, these states are preparing for war.  Eventually, one 
or many – but most likely the Poles – are going to push back against Russian 
aggression in Ukraine..."
 'While Americans Mull Over the Election, Other Countries Prepare for War'


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