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 How can you really come down on a guy who seems to live for that?
 That will probably change for me too. (-:
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 It's true Steve. And you do have a heart, you're a genuinely nice guy who 
would actually not want to harm the infirm or failing. And it really isn't 
bawee's imagination or some trick of technology, I am ignoring him more and 
he's noticed it, as is Jim and I am pretty sure we will both continue to do so 
unless bawee actually has something new to say one of these years. But since 
I'm skipping most of his posts now someone else will have to let me know if he 
does. In the meantime, keep being the good man that you appear to be. God knows 
(yes God (!) gasp) there are enough here who need to find in their hearts your 
kind of gentleness.
 He seemed to be pretty lonely lately since Judy stopped responding to his 
postings, so I've been trying to engage him, but he doesn't seem to want to 
talk about the really interesting and important topics - such as yogic flying 
or human levitation. 
 I can't even get him to talk about karma and reincarnation. 
 Steve is trying to help Barry, but he just seems down on everything and 
everyone these days. Years ago, I used to be one of Barry's greatest 
supporters, both of us being military brats from Texas, but he apparently 
doesn't want any help these days. 
 Or, maybe this is the way he deals with his cognitive dissonance. Go figure. 
 He doesn't really talk to anyone he just either reacts to them or preaches. He 
also likes to gang up on others when he feels he has an opening, even if it 
means prostituting himself. He is the sun around which all the other planets 
revolve - in his mind of course.

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