never say never! Rasa quizzing the great swami

g: what *great* swami ?

greetings swami g!

greetings and Namaste -

* I had a dream the day of creating that group.
(tasting sugar) god appeared to me as ultimate
prosperity and success. it was Arnold and
wife Maria representing this. a feast had been
created and I brought all the 'elements' or fruit
and gifts in a basket.
Arnold told me 'enough' but I quickly brought even
more. they were many fruits, and he topped them
with whipped cream.
I also walked with Maria and I put my arm around
her, touching her shoulder and caressing her
arm from shoulder to elbow.(this is a special
service I perform for mother god, the mission) we
were such good loving friends!
(this part of the dream represents my life's work,
offerings, which god now anoints. and these are to
be handed out to a group at the feast, in bowls)
later Arnold went somewhere and I followed him. I
asked for him and they told me he had entered this
church. I went into it seeking him, but could not
find him. (I could not find him because I was one with
him. he in me, me in him) then holy communion was
ready. I went to the altar and a lay person, a
female, was handing it out. it was made of whole
grain and it was two communions melted into one.
(god and me) as I received this holy communion, I
was amazed that it was covered with sugar!
(the sugar represents tasting god or a state of
duality...but since two communions are one, we are
also one. one and indivisible like the
I instantly thought, upon awakening, of
Ramakrishna. (this dream represents incredible
prosperity and success in relation to my life, to
the articles of yours I had put on my site that day,
and to my spiritual state. my closeness to Maria is
my work for matriarchy just getting going. it also
portended, in another part of the dream, great
financial wealth. I left out many details, but
lately, since starting work on matriarchy, god has
appeared to me in this way many times - saying I am
especially chosen for this mission and there will
be prosperity/ success on all levels.)

g: well you certainly have vivid dreams......

* now about where you are and where I am, swami
the interviews I did of you are gaining a new
resurgence. now that I have them on the site and
elsewhere yes, people are asking about you.

g: don't know what they are asking about as none have
contacted here.....

* they are fascinated by you as you are on a level
that is in the stratosphere.

g: no am simply in the natural state of realization ....

* I have no idea where you are, exactly, in the way
you describe it, but I am learning. the group formed
is a place where myself and others will engage you
in respectful questions in the hope of learning.

g: it isn't a matter of learning ---- realization is nothing one can
get by way of intellectual discussion..... one rather goes within
through the layers of consciousness until there is nothing left
which covers the ever present reality ....

* your teaching is so advanced that one has to
really concentrate on it. it is not easy.

g: on the contrary it is quite natural..... this is why when heard
it moves the heart and mind ..... because it will resonate as
truth ----- why ? simply since there is only one divine essence
of being and this is what you are minus the covering of mind
with attachments to form (termed ego).

* I noticed that people are afraid of you. why?
they are afraid because you are so beyond them
that they cannot hope of standing in a matched
conversation, and so, they remain silent.

g: there is no being beyond ---- how can one be beyond when
each have the same essential self ---- the mind of duality sees
levels of higher and lower ..... that myth ends in realization ....

* it is hard to be humble.

g: what is humility ? humility is a state and mindset of again
higher and lower ..... humility or arrogance come out of a
skewed view .....

* people want to be equal or dominate a
conversation, so they remain silent rather than
have you show them up.

g: there is nothing to show up ----- many may feel put upon ---
or will have buttons pushed ...... why ? because there are yet
conditionings in place and attachments to mind and belief
systems in place .... when mental attachments are in place then
up come the emotions ----- eventually rather than attempting to
fight others or run away from what is taking place there is a
stopping and simply encountering what is rising ..... this then
gets questioned and the roots are cut ...... sat guru's have
many times a tendency to be a mirror that people can not run
away from ....... it isn't always easy to see what one has been
attempting to overcome or run away from or put behind them.....
whatever is given is given out of compassion as one that is
realized knows that suffering can be transcended .... that each
is free and unfortunately most are creating and sustaining their
suffering out of ignorance .....

* I am encouraging them to stop being afraid,
speak up and learn from you.
what can we lose but our ignorance?

g: there are many paths ..... it is best to find one teacher
mentor and then begin in earnest to walk the inner journey....
there is nothing to fear ... one must want truth or to know the
self more than they are caught up in the fears ..... the inner
journey is not always easy nor pleasant ...... when the pot is
stirred first the mud come up ..... it takes patience and
dedication to get beyond that point to where clarity begins to

* as far as my state. you explain where you are
and I will explain where I am. I am where Ramakrishna
and Jesus were. they were in dual and nondual.
that is where I am. I would like to understand and
enter your state and maybe someday I will. right
now, this state is where I am.

g: once on has entered the non-dual then all is understood ...
then there is no more illusion or mind catches that sustain a
feeling of seeking or lack ......

* I am happy in it and if there is anything better,
then I am open to it.

g: there is definitely something better ......

* I admit there is work to be done yet, but does
that ever end till one is dead?

g: yes ..... what works ? does the absolute work ? the
absolute simply is ....... work is an effect of a persona ....
when there is no longer an attachment to mind and the
sustaining of a persona simply flow remains ......

* and if you are beyond that, then ok. but I think
perhaps I will grow till the day I die.

g: as long as there is thinking which sustains a me --- a
mind in motion then yes there will be relational learning and
seeking in place .....

* I am excited about the group, you being there
and other things I am working on. I do feel much
freer and less afraid of public opinion.

g: people will have judgments and opinions based upon their
own experiences ---- the mind becomes conditioned to see in
patterns ...... what comes up has to do with their own journey -- .
everything is an opportunity to enter into self enquiry ...... even
the traumatic things are an open door to confront our self
identifications - fears - aversions - and holdings ....... these can
give a point of reference for going beyond the attachments and
aversions that have run ones existence ......

* I have noticed that no matter what they say or
do to me, I am invincible! how pitiful are those who
need and want to attack us!

g: what feels attacked ? what feels invincible ? what is this
me that cares for this drama one way or another ?

* I just got through another brauha on a
siddha site. it got sorted out, although it looked
like the end for a while.

g: the end of what ? eventually one has to go and confront
and surrender to that end ........ then see what remains .......

* god took care of it. these people (after the
smoke cleared) were talking about you a lot
and I gave them all the links for you and also the
new group.

g: none have emailed ..... maybe there is an interest in some
but talking about someone or something has little value ....

* everything is in the hands of god and we are in
good hands.
much love, Rasa

Maha Shanti Om


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