Title: Diksha report from Texas
Friday night was very powerful.  FIrst a  chakra meditation is done.  It's
on a CD so it is just  played.  It alone is quite transformational.  I
experience it  as more powerful than Amma's meditation.  There is the
chanting of  each chakra sound included.

Then group diksha.  I thought I probably wouldn't feel it.   They just sat
at the front and generated diksha for everyone  mentally.  I felt it.  I
felt huge shifts in my  physiology.

Then diksha by each guy.  First William and then Steve.  I  think the amount
of people there make a difference.  There were so  many people.  This time I
wouldn't say that it was blissful....it  was physiologicallly
transformational.  I felt so many shifts in  my body on so many levels.  
After the second diksha I just kind of  melted and slithered down onto the
floor.  They recommend resting  15 to 30 minutes afterwards.  Then I went
downstairs and sat  around and chatted with some friends and i could feel my
heart chakra  purifying a lot.  That night I woke up with my heart chakra  
feeling like it was in a stainless steel vice.  Did some sedona  and other
work around it and it released.  For a few days I felt a  level of being
grounded into the earth like I have never ever  been.

I wanted to comment to the person on FFL that said this was about  opening
the crown chakra.  I don't believe this is the case.   I think the
meditation prior to the diksha does that.  The 'diksha  giver', I believe,  
only pours God Energy into the already opened  crown.

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