Wow, especially with rampant inflation, those are rock-bottom prices. If the 
economy picks up, Chevron (California's oil co.) will announce they are, 
"taking refineries off-line for maintenance", "experiencing a supply 
disruption", and/or, "reformulating the fuel, for Winter", and invariably jack 
up the prices.  

 Funny, when they use such excuses, it conjures up a picture of Billy-Bob at 
the well head, with a truck, who has never seen a spreadsheet before, vs. the 
armies of business planners they employ, to deal with such contingencies.. 

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 895 FM-306 & Common St
 Valero Corner Store, San Antonio
 On our way to China Grove yesterday we stopped at this place to get some fuel.
 Pilot Flying J Travel Center
 U.S. Highway 90 E.
 San Antonio, Texas

 On our  way up to Austin yesterday we stopped at this place to get some fuel 
for our road trip:
 Murphy USA on the Austin Highway
 1430 Austin Highway
 San Antonio, Texas
 $2.61 per gallon

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