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> Greetings,
> Wondering if anybody has visited major temples or done yagyas in India and 
> what 
> experiences were?

Jaya Guru Datta

By the Grace of my Guru, I was fortunate to make the pilgrimage to Rameshwaram 
in early 
2002. It was amazing to be in this place that I had heard about for so many 
years. I had a 
friend (from India) as a guide traveling with me. Upon opening the hotel room 
door and 
looking out at 4:30am, waves of people were walking towards the temple. 
I sponsored a huge yaga which took 3-4 hours. 1 1/2 of those hours I sat on the 
to the sanctum sanctorum with nothing between me and Rameshwara lingam but the 
priests performing the ceremony. Great darshan. Also the sand lingam that Sita 
formed is 
The temple is huge! Beautiful architecture. A white elephant, Bhavani who gives 
A cow that doesn't stop giving milk. 21 different teerthas of sweet water in 
which to bathe 
ritually before pujas. Mind you this is a small island surrounded by salt water 
only and it 
has these miraculous wells from 21 different sources. Each one tasted different.
I saw maybe one other caucasion while there. Needless to say, a six foot plus 
white guy 
with white hair and a beard wearing a dhoti created a stir. 
It was magical!
That was my purification before travelling to my Guru's ashram in Mysore where 
I was to 
experience other temples He has built.  Mahashivaratri and other rituals that 
were icing on 
the cake. Since then, hundreds of Ganapathi homas, pujas, etc. Life changed 
since that trip.
It is my experience that these yagas, pujas, whatever you want to call them, 
should not be 
done with any expectation of results. It is the act itself which is the gift, 
and Sat Chit 
Ananda alone is the benefit. Accordingly when they are done with some specific 
desire, it 
may take many more births for Nature to fulfill those.

That's the short story. Other temples and great experiences since.

Sri Guru Datta


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