It is a wonderful thing that we will never know who Maitreya is, as if 
Maitreya, if he exists, were to identify himself, he would then be called 
Maitreya and thus would be a fool. Thus his mission would collapse being 
labelled a fool. But keeping secret, and not being labelled a fool, his mission 
will never begin as he can never reveal himself.

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 Anyone allowing others to think he is Maitreya is a fool, anyone allowing 
themselves to be called Maitreya is an even bigger fool.
 Without having seen the specific interview I suppose it's just more me, me, me 
which is Batgaps' trademark. I'll pass, thank you very much.


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 Nabby, before you "forget BATGAP" you might want to listen to Rick's interview 
with Panache Desai. They talk about how some people think he's Maitreya. He 
being Panache, not Rick (-:
 Later he jokes that actually Russell Brand is Maitreya. 


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 Keatings Interviews - Rory Goff 
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