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 Hey, this ad gives the links to the Facebook pages of Girish.  Anyone trolled 
these guys yet?



 Or "When does the trial start?"

 Seriously though, when does it start, do we know? I often look at the Indian 
papers for news updates but there''s been nothing since he got bail in the 

Don't hold your breath. I am no expert on India, but from what I have read and 
heard, if you are rich and powerful -- especially if you happen to also be 
considered a bit of a "godman" -- you'll get off Scot-free in India, *no matter 
what you've done*. 

Consider Sattya Sai Baba, with whom there was more than enough sworn and 
notarized testimony to bring him to trial ten times over for child molestation, 
but who never saw the inside of a courtroom. 

Girish will also in all likelihood skate away from any charges. 

It wouldn't surprise me, one mention of any "charity" work will probably help 
in that regard. But boy - oh - boy I bet there'l be sweaty palms in the 
movement upper echelons until that day comes. I don't know anyone in the UK TMO 
who's even heard of Girish. Be real nice ofr them if he just faded from view 
without any lurid headlines...

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