Perfect logic. Until He declares himself for who He is noone sane will call 
himself Maitreya or let anyone else call him by that name. Unfortunately many 
confused souls do and have done so for many years.

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 It is a wonderful thing that we will never know who Maitreya is, as if 
Maitreya, if he exists, were to identify himself, he would then be called 
Maitreya and thus would be a fool. Thus his mission would collapse being 
labelled a fool. But keeping secret, and not being labelled a fool, his mission 
will never begin as he can never reveal himself.

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 Anyone allowing others to think he is Maitreya is a fool, anyone allowing 
themselves to be called Maitreya is an even bigger fool.
 Without having seen the specific interview I suppose it's just more me, me, me 
which is Batgaps' trademark. I'll pass, thank you very much.


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 Nabby, before you "forget BATGAP" you might want to listen to Rick's interview 
with Panache Desai. They talk about how some people think he's Maitreya. He 
being Panache, not Rick (-:
 Later he jokes that actually Russell Brand is Maitreya. 


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