Some of us wouldn't mind being 40 years younger but for different reasons, smirk, smirk.

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"Also anyone who believes that Huxley was advocating the world depicted in Brave New world should read his prologue to Brave New World Revisited. BNW was a warning not a plan.":

Yes, but . . .
Orwell's 1984 was a warning - no one ever wanted to create that kind of set-up. Brave New World is also a warning - but what makes it on the button is that people *do* want to create many aspects of that society. Because being beautiful, staying young, having lots of guilt-free sex, relaxing with side-effect free soma drugs, etc, etc does have *some* attraction if you are human and are plain-looking, feeling the effects of age, inhibited sexually and getting anxious. Because Huxley was also a human being he shared those fantasies and his attitude towards his Brave New World was more nuanced than people usually understand. The crux is this: if you *did* suddenly find yourself living in that very BNW (let's say younger and more becoming than you are in reality!) and you were given the choice of being tele-transported back to your current situation in 2014 would you return?

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