Sure, Richard.  It looks like you've got a fulfilling life. 

 Sort of strange isn't it.  You look at someone's facebook page, and suddenly 
you're a STALKER.

 Who does that say more about. (-:

 As Popeye might say, "is he embarasked about something"?  (-: (-: (-:

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 Here's part of it Barry.  The other day, I thought to look at people's face 
book pages, that I had never looked at before.  I saw yours and I saw Richards.
 We've been on Facebook for awhile now - we like to keep in touch with all the 
children and grand children and some of our relatives and artist friends  - my 
FB is available to the public - mostly photos and links to YouTube videos. 
 Thanks for viewing, Steve.
 He lives in a strange world.  The world of the past, filled with all the old 
press releases of MMY, and the TMO.
 You can tell when a guy is old, when he talks more about his past than he does 
about his future. Just look at me. Hey! I'm too young to be this old. What 
happened? It's here now, wasn't it? 

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