shouldn't there be a name dropped, somewhere in here. (-:

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 Didn't read it, probably won't because he recommended it. I honestly think the 
guy's a psychopath, and try not to turn my attention much to things he's 
interested in. 


 As for "being there," I wasn't really deep into L.A. hippiedom. During my 
first L.A. days (1964-1969) I was primarily living out in Riverside, going to 
school out there. So we had our own hippie culture. It was hip enough that we 
got invited to parties in Laurel Canyon, but I never lived there. I do know 
enough, however, to point out that there were other hippie 'hoods, in places 
like Santa Monica Canyon and Malibu Canyon and Malibu itself. I actually hung 
more in those areas (or in beach towns South of L.A.) than I ever did Laurel 


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 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] There may be a God after all... :-)
 Richard will occasionally surprisingly posts something of interest so I look 
in the cellar for any responses to what I posted.  I think he knows most people 
could care less if he went to Costco or Whole Wallet.  He just enjoys being 
annoying.  But even you might have liked reading the link to the rather 
extensive history of Laurel Canyon.  After all you were there.
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   I just noticed that the folders I created in Yahoo Mail to store unread 
posts from the people actively stalking me -- Ann, Jim, Steve, and Richard -- 
were surprisingly empty. 
 Maybe they've actually stopped posting their crap, I thought, so I checked the 
Post Count post and it shows that Richard is still the verbal diarrhea king and 
that the others still seem to be posting as much as always. So then I scrolled 
through the list of incoming posts on the Yahoo Groups reader (Neo), and their 
stuff seems to still be appearing there, too. It's just not getting to Yahoo 
Mail. Go figure. 
 I'm just posting this to see whether Xeno (who created similar macros) or 
anyone else has noticed anomalies like this, creating a difference between what 
arrives on the FFL website and thus is visible in the Yahoo Groups reader 
(Neo), and what arrives in your email feed. 
 Whatever the cause, color me properly grateful. 
 Whether it's <genuflect> God saving my macros from having to route posts from 
these four to a trash folder that I then have to empty from time to time 
unread, or some other cause, it's All Good. Praise the Lawd! 
 If it's really the work of God, I may even contribute to a Maharishi™ yagya 
just to thank the dude for his efforts, and for having the same taste in who to 
throw in the trash bin that I do.  :-)  :-)  :-)




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