Seems to describe the right wingnuts very well. Especially after Californians passed Prop 47 and now they are whining like banshees. Illiterate slobs.

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The psychosis of urban life.

Georg Simmel writing in 1903, in “The Metropolis and Mental Life” <>:

    The same factors which have thus coalesced into the exactness and
    minute precision of the form of life have coalesced into a
    structure of the highest impersonality; on the other hand, they
    have promoted a highly personal subjectivity. There is perhaps no
    psychic phenomenon which has been so unconditionally reserved to
    the metropolis as has the blasé attitude. The blasé attitude
    results first from the rapidly changing and closely compressed
    contrasting stimulations of the nerves. From this, the enhancement
    of metropolitan intellectuality, also, seems originally to stem.
    Therefore, stupid people who are not intellectually alive in the
    first place usually are not exactly blasé. A life in boundless
    pursuit of pleasure makes one blasé because it agitates the nerves
    to their strongest reactivity for such a long time that they
    finally cease to react at all. In the same way, through the
    rapidity and contradictoriness of their changes, more harmless
    impressions force such violent responses, tearing the nerves so
    brutally hither and thither that their last reserves of strength
    are spent; and if one remains in the same milieu they have no time
    to gather new strength. An incapacity thus emerges to react to new
    sensations with the appropriate energy. This constitutes that
    blasé attitude which, in fact, every metropolitan child shows when
    compared with children of quieter and less changeable milieus. …
    In the blasé attitude the concentration of men and things
    stimulate the nervous system of the individual to its highest
    achievement so that it attains its peak. Through the mere
    quantitative intensification of the same conditioning factors this
    achievement is transformed into its opposite and appears in the
    peculiar adjustment of the blasé attitude. In this phenomenon the
    nerves find in the refusal to react to their stimulation the last
    possibility of accommodating to the contents and forms of
    metropolitan life. The self-preservation of certain personalities
    is brought at the price of devaluating the whole objective world,
    a devaluation which in the end unavoidably drags one’s own
    personality down into a feeling of the same worthlessness.

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