Not so depressing from this reader's POV, Alex. More a reminder of reality. 

My dog Paris is gettin' a bit long in the tooth, too -- 15. I already had to 
say goodbye to his bro Pippin about a year and a half ago, and that was tough, 
but I've always been closer to Paris so letting him go will be even more of a 
bitch. Still, I consider it all more than worth it for being able to have spent 
so much quality time with him.

To your point, I don't think I'll have another pet after Paris goes. The family 
I'm part of will, but I won't be "primary parent." 

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I grew up in a petless household because my family's experiment in dog 
ownership ended before my time when George Washington, a dachshund, grew ornery 
after my sister kept trying to ride him. My only experience with pet ownership 
was the 16 years that our household was dominated by cats, and that came to a 
tragic end, 13 months ago, when we had to put down our most beloved kitty. 
What's especially sad is that of our 16 years with her, what stands out the 
most in my memory of her is her final months of declining health. As cute and 
lovable as those dogs look, all I can think of is the unbelievable pain and 
heartbreak you will experience when they die. Honestly, I don't understand how 
people can put themselves through that, pet after pet after pet. 

This has been Depressing Thoughts, by Alex Stanley
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