So your favorite economists are Limbaugh and Hannity?

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Capitalism is the best system for the disabled, sick and old age. Wealth is created abundantly by capitalism which can be taxed and provide a safety net. People can also provide for themselves better and the smart ones save for their future.. Most, if not all, union pension plans are heavily invested in capitalism which pays their member benefits. Ask the people of the former Soviet Union and China if they prefer capitalism or old Soviet central planning with Socialism. Governments don't generate wealth, they just take it away and redistribute it. Free enterprise generates wealth. Ask any rich person or person aspiring to be rich. With an abundance of wealth, good things can be done and planned for. The Soviet Union couldn't clean up they environmental messes they created.

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I think capitalism is often a good thing, but the problem is that it gets applied to every area - and some things don't flourish under capitalism. some things just don't work well with that approach - like taking care of the disabled, or people getting sick, or old age. People need help from time to time, and the unlucky ones need more help than average. But beyond that, it is going to be a terrible problem to change our approach to the economy, and to begin to somehow not think of success as perpetual growth growing and getting bigger and more profitable. I just cannot imagine how this is going to play out once climate change becomes a scary and very real emergency for us all.

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