Re "There's not a single person here that'd even test out my imaginings": 

 I'm game! A while back I posted details on FFL of a variant on "TM" that 
involved effortlessly allowing one's awareness to come back to a relaxed focus 
of attention (instead of to a mantra/syllable/thought) that I had tried and 
found effective - though not as effective as using a mantra. I got shouted down!

 Have you ever come across a meditation technique that is simultaneously as 
effective as TM and as easy?



---In, <> wrote :

 Only three ways, eh?  Scientist?   I have written at length about edifying 
ways to use the mind -- over a 100 times by my count -- each time a different 
"technique."  And I could do a thousand more.   

But, seeing as there's not a single person here that'd even test out my 
imaginings, hey, lucky me, cuz now I don't have to try to teach.  I loves me 
some preachin', but teaching is a chore.  No sense even handing out the text 
books in this class.

The strange thing is that I like David's vibe.  It's hard to grudge jab at him. 
 I think he's a very successful true believer -- found a way to explain his 
lifestyle to himself, and not too bothered about how inept his explanation 
might be to FFLers.  

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