There's nothing new under the sun. The techniques for TM were borrowed from other paths and traditions. They are fairly well known in India. Here's a link to the meditation section in Swami Sivanandas "Mind - It's Mysteries and Control" first published in 1935. You'll see the process is mentioned as well as a number of variants.

Stop thinking you got anything unique with TM. It was just fairly standard meditation lite for the masses and often given out freely by astrologers and ayurvedic practitioners. It was only new to westerners who had not ventured to India.

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Re "There's not a single person here that'd even test out my imaginings":

I'm game! A while back I posted details on FFL of a variant on "TM" that involved effortlessly allowing one's awareness to come back to a relaxed focus of attention (instead of to a mantra/syllable/thought) that I had tried and found effective - though not as effective as using a mantra. I got shouted down!

Have you ever come across a meditation technique that is simultaneously as effective as TM and as easy?

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Only three ways, eh? Scientist? I have written at length about edifying ways to use the mind -- over a 100 times by my count -- each time a different "technique." And I could do a thousand more.

But, seeing as there's not a single person here that'd even test out my imaginings, hey, lucky me, cuz now I don't have to try to teach. I loves me some preachin', but teaching is a chore. No sense even handing out the text books in this class.

The strange thing is that I like David's vibe. It's hard to grudge jab at him. I think he's a very successful true believer -- found a way to explain his lifestyle to himself, and not too bothered about how inept his explanation might be to FFLers.

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