That is when the sharks feed.

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 I'm not a surfer.  So, what does "feeding time" mean?

 On windy days, at the same beach, you can see many surfers using wind kites to 
zip along the waves.  Some of them literally fly off from the water and do 
somersaults.  Their feats are incredible to behold.  It's officially called 



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 Nice description - That is a pretty rare thing, no wind at Ocean Beach - When 
I boogey boarded a lot, I'd always get out around 4 at the latest, as it is 
then "feeding time".

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 As I walked at the water's edge, it appeared that a few people ahead of me 
were walking on water.  This was the lowest tide that I've ever seen at this 
beach.  The water's edge was about 300 yards away from the paved pedestrian 

 I saw the sun set in the reddened western sky in the sign of Libra.  The 
temperature was like summer with no wind.  As I was shaking the sand off my 
feet near the parking lot, a black guy asked me if I saw his wife walk by.  I 
said, "No, I didn't see her."  A surfer asked me to help him zip his wet suit 
from his back shoulder.  Then, he stepped down the beach steps with his 
surfboard to ride the evening waves.

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