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 What is funny Ann, is that this dog, looks just like my neighbor's dog who is 
my favorite, and the most special of their three dogs.  She was rescued from a 
crack house by their son, who is a police officer.  They named her Mary Jane, 
and she has herding instincts. 

 Before that was Dutchess, the husky mix who died, and before that was Heidi. 

 The problem is that they keep the dogs outside, all the time, except when it 
is bitterly cold, so they only seem to live six years, or so.

 It is not for me to interfere.  I am the treat neighbor who gives them fresh 
roasted (non spiced) chicken treats at least once a day, and prolonged petting.

 Sometimes even take them for walks.

 You're a good man Steve. Do what you can. The fact that you care is not a 
wasted thing. Even five minutes of loving can make an hour of no love disappear 
into the present of the loving. No small act of kindness is ever wasted.

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 Maybe think about the life you are giving them as opposed to the life they 
might have if you don't give them a home.
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 I grew up in a petless household because my family's experiment in dog 
ownership ended before my time when George Washington, a dachshund, grew ornery 
after my sister kept trying to ride him. My only experience with pet ownership 
was the 16 years that our household was dominated by cats, and that came to a 
tragic end, 13 months ago, when we had to put down our most beloved kitty. 
What's especially sad is that of our 16 years with her, what stands out the 
most in my memory of her is her final months of declining health. As cute and 
lovable as those dogs look, all I can think of is the unbelievable pain and 
heartbreak you will experience when they die. Honestly, I don't understand how 
people can put themselves through that, pet after pet after pet. 

This has been Depressing Thoughts, by Alex Stanley

 Ahh yes, the subject of pet ownership. All I can really say is that it is 
still worth the sadness at the end of things. Sometimes they die slowly and 
sometimes they die fast and too young But these little creatures fill one's 
life with big and small events every single day. Sometimes you find yourself 
dreading the end, whatever form that end might take, well before it ever 
happens and then you catch yourself and scold that part of you that isn't 
loving the present because one is already anticipating the future. 

 I have a particular favorite in my pack of 4 dogs and she is already 12 and we 
have been through paralysis and back surgery with her ($13K worth of vet bills 
later) and she is my doting and giving companion who carries my gloves up from 
the arena after a ride and who takes my ball cap off my head to carry it into 
where it is hung and who comes to work with me every day to lie next to me for 
8 uncomplaining hours and who climbs up onto the bed to lie at my feet all 
night and who I will, inevitably, have to watch die. It will rip the very heart 
out of where it beats in me and I will feel bereft and gutted. That is how it 
is. When you love as deeply as I do for my animals then you have to pay the 
price when they go. Every time they do they take a piece of me with them just 
as every time another one shows up in my life they bring a little piece back.







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