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 Although I'm not really a fan of Brian Cox, this BBC documentary (shown 
tonight, in which he's joined by actor Brian Blessed and scientist Alice 
Roberts) in which he plays clips of his TV idols from both science fiction and 
science fact (Bronowski/Feynman/Sagan/etc) is both charming and engaging. If 
the link I provide to the Beeb website doesn't work for US FFLifers I'm sure 
the episode will be posted on YouTube shortly - just be patient and search for 
"Brian Cox: Space, Time & Videotape" . 


 Loved it. It seemed to be over in a flash which is a good sign. I could watch 
those two natter about stuff all day. I think that between them, Brian and 
Alice have made some of the best science TV, I shudder to think what'll happen 
if the BBC loses it's funding and has to compete in the market place and hit a 
lower common denominator than at present.

 I think Brian must have been a genuine child prodigy to have understood James 
Burke, I've got a couple of years on him and my brain died under the 
intellectual onslaught of Burke's "Connections" series. They should repeat it. 
In fact, there should be a channel devoted to old programmes like that. There 
are plenty of channels showing old cop shows and crap comedy stuff. I might 
start a campaign for more Burke, maybe I'll understand it this time. Or maybe 

 Update: Every episode of Connections is on Youtube so I can watch it later....




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