Her life was full of these instances. Once She traveled almost alone for a week 
to meet an old woman living in a small hut on a dry riverbed. She would spend 
an hour there talking to the woman and then return to the ashram.
 When Maharishi was informed that Ananda Mayi Ma had passed he said, "Now I'm 
really alone".




 Mahamrityunjaya Mantra ~ Sri Anandamayi Ma 
 Mahamrityunjaya Mantra ~ Sri Anandamayi Ma 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkVFNyHv60o Photos of Sri Anandamayi Ma with a 
powerful healing mantra in ancient Sanskrit, the "Mahamrityunjaya Mantra" sung 
by the Sacred Sound Choir. This...
 View on www.youtube.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkVFNyHv60o 
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 Shivoham - Tree of Knowledge of Brahman - Anandamayi Ma 
 Shivoham - Tree of Knowledge of Brahman - ... 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaNgsh1Ei6o Photos of Sri Anandamayi Ma and 
Arunachala, Holy Mountain of Shiva, with the poem "The Tree of Knowledge of 
Brahman Part One" written by the 8th c...
 View on www.youtube.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaNgsh1Ei6o 
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 Documentary on the life of Sri Sri Anandamayi Ma 

 Documentary on the life of Sri Sri Anandamayi Ma 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2aCc6i-TkM This 30 min video describes the 
Life of Sri Sri Anandamayi Ma. This is edited material from the video tape 
edited and directed by Vinod Baid, and gives a bri...
 View on www.youtube.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2aCc6i-TkM 
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Ashok Kulkarni relates how he received diksha of Sri Yantra from Ma Anandamayi 
 Ashok Kulkarni relates how he received diksha of Sri Yan... 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_xJhKAb9YI Ashok Kulkarni described to 
English-speaking devotees at Ma Anandamayi Ashram, Bhimpura the extra-ordinary 
story of how he came to do puja of Sri Yantra...
 View on www.youtube.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_xJhKAb9YI 
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Snatam Kaur - Long Time Sun - Anandamayi Ma 
 Snatam Kaur - Long Time Sun - Anandamayi Ma 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tG_ET-kUAuI Irish blessing, "May the long time 
sun shine upon you..." Photos of Hindu saint, Ananda Mayi Ma (Bliss-permeated 
mother). Music by Snatum Kaur. To foll...
 View on www.youtube.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tG_ET-kUAuI 
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 Athi –madhura –chapa –hastha –aparimitha moda –bana saubhagyam

 Aruna-athisaya-karuna-abhinava-kula sundharim vande
 I bow before Her, Who is of the color red,
 Who is the mercy of mercies,
 Who is epitome of beauty, every minute and second
 Who holds the bow made of sugarcane,
 And who has arrows which bring  happy prosperity
 Recently, the following incidents were narrated to me directly by a very 
senior, scholarly and saintly devotee, who spent twenty-two years in close 
contact with Anandamayi Ma. 
 Ma would usually respond to the sincere yearning of her devotees to see her by 
coming to meet them – sometimes in the most surprising ways! One day, this 
saintly devotee and his wife boarded a city bus in Pune to visit Ma at her 
ashram. Looking out of the bus window, this couple was amazed to see Ma walking 
completely alone along the side of the road unaccompanied by any attendant, 
which was rare during the latter days in her life. 
 After a few minutes, when the bus reached its next stop, they got down and 
hurried back up the road in the direction they had seen Ma walking. Reaching a 
crossroad, and not seeing Ma anywhere, the man noticed a signboard of a 
Christian convent a short distance ahead. Intuitively feeling that this was 
where Ma had gone, the couple started towards the convent and upon reaching its 
gates, inquired if Anandamayi Ma had been there. 
 They were directed to one of the principal staff members who told them that Ma 
had certainly come but had just left. He further confided that since he had 
heard that Ma was visiting Pune, he had been longing for her darshan but had 
been unable to go to her ashram. Suddenly, to his great surprise and joy, Ma 
came in through the door, greeted him and spoke warmly with him for several 
 Asked where Ma had gone now, the man pointed in the direction of a small hut 
where a poor family of workers lived near the convent gate. The couple entered 
the little hut only to find a scene of mourning over a death that had just 
occurred. They described Ma to the family and asked if she had been there. They 
were told that a lady meeting this description had come and mercifully placed 
her hands on the dying man’s head and blessed him just minutes before he passed 
away, and then she had left. 
 The couple made their way back to the ashram expecting to see Ma on the way, 
as they were following just minutes behind her. Upon reaching the ashram, they 
inquired of Ma’s attendants as to when Ma had returned from outside. They were 
met with questioning glances and informed that they had been with Ma the entire 
day, and that she had never left the ashram. 
 When they met Ma, she simply looked at them and smiled knowingly. Ma asked 
this man and his wife to learn Sri Vidya – the meditations and worship 
connected with the Sri Yantra, the sacred geometric symbol of the Divine 
Mother. The fruition of this suggestion came about in a remarkable manner. 
 One day in the Vrindavan ashram, Ma asked the couple what the astrological 
conjunction was for the day and the hour. Not knowing the answer, the man went 
and brought Swami Satchidananda, a very learned Danda Swami, and the three of 
them sat before Ma. Upon knowing the exact astrological positions at that 
moment from Swamji, Ma exclaimed, “This is a very auspicious moment,” and then 
fell silent. 
 After a few minutes, she raised her eyes upward and, to the astonishment of 
the three onlookers, turned completely red! Her skin, her hair, and even her 
immaculately white clothing turned a brilliant red (the color associated with 
Tripura Sundari—the Goddess of Sri Yantra) and remained so during the entire 
episode that followed. 
 Next, Ma opened her mouth and a stream of Sanskrit mantras emanated rapidly 
with perfect articulation. While the intonation was going on, Swami 
Satchidananda leaned over and whispered to the man, “These are the mantras for 
Sri Vidya.” 
 After several minutes of rapid chanting, Ma again fell silent and her normal 
color returned. She then instructed the couple to meet Swamiji the next morning 
and he would teach them the puja of Sri Yantra. The next morning they met 
Swamiji in the ashram temple. He asked them if they remembered any of the 
mantras that Ma had recited spontaneously, as the ritual was complex and he 
felt that they should only learn the part that they remembered intuitively. 
 They replied that all the mantras were new to them, and they couldn’t remember 
a single one of them. When told to try and remember, they looked into each 
other’s eyes and, suddenly, both husband and wife began to simultaneously 
recite the complete mantras that Ma had spoken. Swamiji simply smiled and said, 
“This is Ma’s way of saying you should learn the entire puja.”   

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